Welcome to VEAP Shield United

Our aim is to produce a perfect product that meets the needs of our customers. From our facility in Dodewaard we can provide you with:

- An insight into our company
- Specialized advice
- New insights into the available options
- And a hot cup of coffee!


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Europe shines blue You see us everywhere

Our products are seen on many European roads and we see the numbers rising. We are slowly but surely turning Europe into VEAP blue. The increase in sales has been directly influenced by our years of experience and foresight within the market. For many years now, we have been actively implementing professionalisation within our organization and products.

In 2017 we officially became VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. We see this certification as a highlight of years of intensive cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz organization, but also as a starting point for similair relationship developments in the future.