Determination height spoiler

We try to offer a solution from the customer's perspective in the best possible way. To avoid ambiguity and to offer the customer a product that perfectly matches the wishes of the customer, we have devised three ways to determine the height for a spoiler. We prefer the first two ways.

The first way, you look at the difference in height between the cab and the container. The height difference immediately shows the height of the spoiler that fits best.

The second way is based on the height distance between the chassis and the container. This is different for each vehicle, please keep this in mind!

The third way is the internal height of the container. Pay attention! The floor, the ceiling and the auxiliary frame have to be added extra to the height. One possibility is to measure the container from the outside.

If it is the case that the height of your vehicle does not fit directly with a fixed 3D spoiler, you can always look for an adjustable 3D spoiler. This adjustable 3D spoiler adapts to the height of your vehicle and is in line with the fixed 3D spoilers in terms of design. If you still choose for a fixed 3D spoiler that does not quite fit in size, we always recommend to take the spoiler which is slightly lower. This makes the vehicle more streamlined and is in terms of appearance a lot nicer to see.

The last advice we want to give you has to do with the container. When the container has a 90 ° profile at the top, then it is the best option to choose a spoiler that fits perfectly to this. When the container at the top runs more with a round profile, it is better to take a spoiler that is slightly lower than the height of the container. This has to do with the air flow along the car.