0% emissions is our mission

One of Europe's largest wind tunnels is located at Eindhoven University of Technology. In this hypermodern space it is possible to measure wind flows to the smallest details. (This is) ideal to see how vehicles can handle fuel more efficiently. (It is also) a suitable location to research scientifically what the assortment of VEAP Shield United offers for added values. These measurements are part of a larger project: '0% emissions is our mission'. In this, the manufacturer of aerodynamic products fights for less emissions and fuel savings.

Check the video of the test here.

In the coming years, a lot will change within the European Union regarding 'consumption and emissions'. The regulations have been adjusted and VEAP Shield United wants to respond to this by introducing this project. The effect of the wind is measured using scale models. For example, it is possible to measure the effect of airflow on CO2 emissions with a prototype LCV light commercial vehicle, which is visualized by lasers and smoke. Furthermore, data which emerges from these tests, will be investigated further. On a scale model of a standard LCV light commercial vehicle, the resistance is measured during the first test. These data were compared with the resistance of other various tests, where the scale model was provided with different VEAP products. The differences in forces are converted into savings on fuel and CO2 emissions. What always seemed very likely, was now underlined by TU Eindhoven: VEAP Shield United helps to create a more sustainable world. 

Veap Shield United almost got 40 years of experience in the truck industry. Ever since the start of the company in the early 80's, we developed roof spoilers and still do this today.

Our main benefits

With the help of our inventory system, the most common products are in stock and can be delivered quickly (including assembly). At Veap Shield United, we have a modern workshop, which is equipped with everything that is required to install our products professionally to your vehicle. Our experienced engineers ensure a great finish to your vehicle. If you choose to purchase our products without installation, than these products can be delivered by our own driver.